Destiny Classes and Sub-Classes (Voidwalker)

Hello! Eight here! I’m gonna teach you guys about the different types of classes in Destiny, as well as the sub-classes for each one.

First off, I’m gonna start with my favorite class, the Warlock!

The first thing to know about the Warlock is that they are less about being physical and more about mental. Most of the abilities of the Warlock stem from a higher understanding of the elements they are using. There are 3 schools of learning for Warlocks: Voidwalker, Sunsinger, and Stormcaller.


The Voidwalker is the first sub-class you can chose from for the Warlock. It is based around the Void damage type (as the name implies).

The Super for this class is called Nova Bomb which, when activated, releases a large blast of Void energy in an arc in whichever direction you are aiming. There are perks you can unlock which alter your Nova Bomb, from throwing 3 smaller bombs (instead of one) to throwing what is essentially a Nova “arrow” directly where you are aiming (which helps if you need to be accurate with it).

Voidwalker also comes with 3 types of grenades. There is the normal Vortex grenade, which forms an orb where you throw it, damaging any enemy inside or in close proximity to it. This one is used more for lock-down or as a trap. Next, (and my personal favorite) is Scatter grenades. After throwing a single grenade, it splits (or scatters) upon impact into multiple other grenades, much like a cluster bomb. These grenades are destructive not only to enemies, but to yourself as well. You can easily kill yourself with them. The exotic “Nothing Manacles” gauntlets give you an extra scatter grenade charge, as well as make the scatters track to nearby enemies. The final grenade type is Axion Bolt. When thrown, they scan a small area for any enemies and send out tracking “bolts” which seek out and damage the enemy.

The Voidwalker also comes with a variety of jumping abilities.

Firstly, a Warlock’s jump is more of a glide than a jump. This glide propels the Warlock in whichever direction you use it. There are 3 variations of glide. Focused Control allows you to have better control over which direction you are moving while in the air. Focused Burst gives you a small boost upward at the beginning of your jump. (Focused Burst also can be used to “Warlock Skate”, which is a faster way to get around as a Warlock). And finally, there is Blink, which is a short range teleport.

This class also has 3 variations on the Warlock melee. The Warlock base melee is called Energy Drain. This, when used to damage/kill an enemy, increases the rate at which you regenerate your grenade for a few seconds. The 3 abilities to enhance your Energy Drain are Life Steal, Soul Rip, and Surge.

Life Steal regenerates your health upon use. Soul Rip decreases the cooldown for Nova Bomb. Surge increases movement speed and weapon handling when activated.

There are multiple ways to use this class and it’s perk set. There is the way that I find to be the most effective, which is using the grenades, melee ability, and super to regenerate health. If you combine Life Steal with the sub-class perk “Embrace The Void” (killing an enemy with a grenade or Super triggers Life Steal), no matter which ability you use to kill an enemy, you regenerate health. This can make what would normally be a quick fight and a crushing defeat into a longer, more enjoyable fight for you.

If that isn’t your style, might I suggest blowing everything up? With the perk “Bloom”, any enemy you kill with any ability explodes and deals damage to other nearby enemies. Combining that with any exotic armor (or the Memory Of Felwinter Artifact) that gives an extra grenade or melee charge, you can blow up rooms of enemies without breaking a sweat. Plus, there will be lots of pretty colors, and who doesn’t like that?!

Combining Surge with a high damage/slow reload weapon, such as a Shotgun or Machine Gun, can make a big difference in a firefight.

That’s all I have for the Voidwalker at this point in time, but if you guys have anything you would like to say about the topic, go ahead and drop a comment.

I’ll be going over the second sub-class for the Warlock, the Sunsinger, in my next post. I hope you enjoyed this one and hope to see you all in the next one.

Keep fighting, Guardians.



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