I am giving these items away of my own freedom. Nobody has paid me to do these giveaways. These items were purchased by me. These items are not OWED to anyone else (that includes you). Therefore, I have the right to end a giveaway for any reason whatsoever and at any time. There is no payment to be part of my giveaways. I do not feel obligated to give my stuff away for free to anyone because of that. Anyone that angers me, through whatever I deem, will be excluded from the chance to win. This is not likely to happen to respectful people, so be respectful and kind and there will be no issue with that. I do not reward people that beg. I will likely bar beggars and harassers from being able to win, so keep that in mind. I want people to have fun and to get cool things from my giveaways. The giveaways are meant to be a cool and fun thing. Please keep that in mind, and everything will be awesome.

I am sorry, but there are limitations that I have on winning. Anyone is open to enter to win my giveaways. But if the giveaway is a physical item of some kind, it is most likely only going to be shipped to the contiguous 48 states of America. I apologize. I do not want to deal with the stress (and expense) of dealing with any other types of shipping. I will only accept winning addresses within the 48 contiguous states. If you live outside of the USA, but have a way of getting the item sent to you… that is fine. But I will only ship it to an American address. You have the responsibility of getting it from that USA address to wherever else you want it to go.

I do NOT under ANY circumstance accept returns of ANY kind. I do not send out thousands of items. There is no error amount I have that allows for any items to possibly get damaged by me. Everything I receive gets inspected (as much as I can without opening) to make sure it is good before I accept it from where I ordered it from. When I give the items away, that condition is how you will receive the items. If they are damaged, it happened in transit most likely. I apologize for the issue, but I will not do one single thing to fix it. You may bring up issue with the company that shipped it, if you like. But I will stay out of it completely. I do not have time. I will accept no complaints about it. If you complain, it is likely you will not be in the running for future giveaways. I do not have time for all that.

I am a busy person and I do not make a habit of shipping many items. Therefore, I apologize if items arrive “late”. But I likely just had to figure out how to get them shipped properly. I will try to keep in contact throughout the process and keep you informed, if you have won something.

I will contact the winners in the ways that I know best. But if I do not receive word back after a few days, it is highly likely that I will keep the items and run the giveaway again OR give the items to someone else instead. Please respond back when I try to contact you.