Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) Movie First Thoughts

So, I went out to the theater last night and finally got around to watching Spider-Man: Homecoming. I really liked the movie. I kept hearing really good things about the movie and I wasn’t sure if it would live up to the hype. I’m still not convinced that it lived up to the hype, but it was definitely a good movie. For a long time, I didn’t realize that this movie would not be another origin story. I did happen to read online that this movie was set after the second Avengers movie. That does make sense, and I’m not sure why I didn’t think of that. All of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies have pretty much followed in the same timeline. It makes perfect sense that this movie would fall in line after the second Avengers movie, where Spider-Man was first featured.

I guess this shows how little I know about the Spider-Man backstory and my general awareness of the series, but I assumed that Gwen would be in this movie. Maybe they plan on bringing her in later in the series. I’m not sure. But, I’m sure we’ll find out soon. I have no clue who Liz Toomes is, or how she fits into the Spider-Man universe. Seeing how the movie ended, I would assume that it’s not important for me to know her. I’m going to take a wild guess and say that her character will not be returning to the series. But, it could be wrong. The end of the movie did seem to hint that we may be seeing Vulture again in future movies. I would not mind seeing the Vulture return. I liked the enemy. I also liked how Michael Keaton played the character. I think he did a really good job.

Overall, I think all of the actors in this movie did a very good job of playing their characters. I liked how Andrew Garfield played Spider-Man, so I was not sure how I would like Tom Holland in this movie. I actually really liked how he acted the character. Obviously, Robert Downey Jr. always does a great job, in my book. It’s always nice seeing Gwyneth Paltrow, as well. I love the Tony Stark and Pepper Potts combo. We can’t forget about Happy Hogan! I love Jon Favreau. It’s sad that I only see him in Marvel movies now. Actually, I just looked at his IMDB. It turns out that he has been in other movies that are not Marvel. Seems that I just have not been watching them. I guess that’s my fault. I don’t watch any movies with Michael Keaton, so it was nice to see him. I think it’s funny that the last movie that I remember him being in was called Birdman.

I think it’s because I watch so many movies and TV shows, but I saw a lot of actors that I recognized in this movie. He had a small role in the movie, but I could hear everybody watching start whispering when they saw Donald Glover. I thought it was kind of funny why he would even be in this movie. I feel like his role was not important enough to warrant him even taking the job. He has been doing so many other things that are much better, in my opinion. But, maybe he just wanted to be in a Spider-Man movie. Yes, I did notice that Zendaya was also in the movie. I just don’t really follow what she is doing or why people think she is important. I’m not saying that she’s a bad actor. I think It has more to do with me being old and just not knowing who she is. There were other actors that I also recognized but I could not tell you what they were from.

Wow! I’m just now seeing that Jennifer Connelly was voicing Karen (“Suit Lady”). I didn’t even catch that one. I’m going to forgive myself, though. I don’t even remember the last time that I saw her in a movie. So, it makes sense that I wouldn’t recognize her voice. Anyway, moving on.

You know me, I’m sort of a negative person. So, I’m going to lead off with the few things that I can remember that I did not like. I noticed some things in the movie that did not make sense. Now, I understand that the webs are strong. But, the thing that the webs are connected to also have to be strong. The scene at the Washington monument, where Spider-Man was saving the people in the elevator, annoyed me. I don’t know everything there is to know about ballistic glass. But, I feel like he would not have been able to break through that glass like he did. That’s not my biggest problem with the scene, though. The part where Spider-Man shoots a web onto the elevator and holds it up is fine. But, the fact that he puts his feet against two flimsy walls to support the entire weight of the elevator and the people inside… is ridiculous. The things that he was choosing to support himself against would not have been able to hold all of the weight. And I saw other instances like that in the movie. I know that this is not real. This is all set in a world where superheroes actually exist. But, I feel like they’re trying to be realistic with the movies. So, for me, the little things like that ruin the movie for me.

In the same vein, Spider-Man has weight to him. Yes, he can climb walls and ceilings. But, the things that he attaches himself to have to be able to hold his weight. When he sneaks back into his room and climbs on the ceiling, the ceiling should have fallen. As far as I know, ceilings are just made of drywall. His body weight would have pulled the ceiling right off. Correct me if I’m wrong on that. So, that scene kind of broke me out of the realism of the movie.

Now, I’m not sure what Tony made Peter’s suit out of. I suppose that he could’ve made the suit strong enough to withstand damage without getting torn up. I did like the previous Spider-Man movies where the suit would get cut up during battle. When Peter is getting dragged down the road, I guess I expected his suit to get torn up. But, I think I’m over-analyzing a scene that was supposed to be kind of funny. I’ll let that one slide. No pun intended.

This made just sound like I am ripping on the movie. I really did like the movie, though. I would not mind seeing it again. Unfortunately, I have MoviePass. Now, MoviePass is amazing. But, it does limit me to only seeing a movie one time in theater. So, I’ll probably be waiting until it comes out on disk to watch it again.

I liked the actors, characters, outfits, storyline, and cinematography. The few errors that I found are nothing compared to how good I thought the movie was. The fight scenes are great. I’m excited to see Spider-Man in action in upcoming movies. I definitely recommend this movie. I had a great time watching it and I’m sure that most people will also enjoy seeing this movie.

This is officially the first movie review written for Slyer Media. Let us know how you like the review! This was a quick and dirty review made to briefly go over a few thoughts on the movie. We will probably call this type of review “First Thoughts”.

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