The Dark Tower- movie trailer launched today

The movie trailer for The Dark Tower came out today! It’s in the very top of the Trending videos area of YouTube right now, if you want to find it. You can also find it by searching for The Dark Tower in the search bar and clicking on the one from Sony Pictures Entertainment. The movie comes out August 4th, 2017!

I have been hearing about The Dark Tower a lot recently and didn’t really know what it was. I knew it was a book loved by a lot of people that was being made into a movie. That was the extent of the knowledge I had about it. I watched the trailer and… wow. The actors in this movie are top-tier. The trailer might have given away a little much. But it seemed much less revealing that most AAA movie trailers these days. smh I’m also not sure that it’s such a big deal, because so many people have read the books and already know everything about the story. I saw enough to fall in love with it and want to watch it. I have a feeling that other people out there that didn’t know about the story either will probably watch the trailer and like it. Everything about the film looks amazing. I don’t know. lol I just really want the movie to be in theaters and to be able to watch it already!

Let us know if you know about The Dark Tower and any memories you have of it!

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