Hey. I’m Ryan Slyer. Or Slyer8me. You can just call me Sly. I founded Slyer Media way back in 2013. I wanted a good name that could be shortened and sound really cool. I wanted something that people would like saying and that they would say often. Hopefully Slymed will make everyone automatically think of Slyer Media. I write for this site and also have my own personal site. Stop by Slyer8.me if you want to get a deeper look into my life and what Sly is alllllll about. 😀

Shag is my best friend. We have been gaming since as far back as we both can remember. We went to many years of schooling together. I’m sure that you know how going to school with someone for years and years lets you get close to them. We have too many inside jokes and funny stories to ever be able to tell you all of them. BUT, you can jump in our streams, watch our videos, and view our posts to get many of those stories as possible. I swear we don’t hate each other, no matter what it may look like. <3

I love to hear from people about their thoughts on gaming, tech, cars, movies, etc. I want to hear from you all! There are ways that you can get in contact with me. I am usually on Twitter and will respond to tweets from people. I always try to get to everyone that stops by on my streams on Twitch. I also try to read the comments on YouTube. Know that I AM human and that I can’t always get to everyone. But the best ways to make sure you get to talk to me are through supporting me. There are many ways to do that. You can support me on Patreon. You can support me by always showing up on streams and staying to chat with me and the other people in our community. You can support me by always viewing videos and leaving comments. The list just never ends. The more I see you around, the more likely I am to make you a priority. Become my friend!