You use Points to buy tickets to win the giveaway. You obtain Points by hanging out in-stream!

Each viewer receives 5 points every 5 minutes they are in the stream (1 per minute rate). You can receive points while the stream is offline (as long as the bot that tracks points is still active). The offline rate is 1 point every 15 minutes (yes, it is way smaller… because there is no stream happening!). When you become a Regular, you receive an extra 5 points every 5 minutes (total of 2 points per minute rate, after becoming a Regular). You receive a BONUS of 2 points every 5 minutes IF you are active in the chat during that period. So chat it up! New follows get 50 points, and you can only win if you are following the channel (your points will be wiped daily if you are not following the channel). If you Host the channel, you will receive a bonus 10 points! So, host every time you see the channel go live OR put the channel on your Twitch auto-host list and receive your bonus every time… AUTOMATICALLY! If you happen to have a large group of viewers while YOU are streaming, then decide to bring the party over… you get rewarded! All streamers that bring a Raid over to the channel receive 20 points (and possibly more, depending on the size of the group you bring).

We want new additions to the stream. Everything is more fun on Twitch with more people! So, to encourage inviting your friends to hangout with us… we have a benefit plan. When you bring a new friend to the stream, they follow the stream, then say that you are the one that brought them… we’ll write down your name and their name. And as THEY spend time in the stream, YOU will receive Points! Every hour that they spend in the stream (for the first 3 hours) with net you an extra 30 Points. That’s just like you spending an extra half hour in the stream. And that bonus STACKS. If you bring in 4 new people, and they all stay for an hour (after following the stream)… that’s a bonus 120 points. You just got paid for 3 hours of stream watch time and were only here for 1 hour! These bonuses are usable for the first 3 hours of stream time that each new person stays for. After the first 3 hours (and netting you 90 Points) of them being in the stream… you will not receive bonus Points from that person any longer. So, go out and grab some more friends and receive your bonuses all over again! Your bonus Points will be added at the end of every stream.

You can use the !heist command to play the Heist minigame during stream times. This will allow you to get more Points. More Points, means more entries to possibly win the Stream Giveaway.

The Heist game allows up to 10 Points to be bet every 5 minutes. The win chance is 75% for Newbies, and goes up to 80% when you become a Regular. The chat counts you as a Regular once you break 12 hours watched in-stream. When you win, the payout is 40% for Newbies and 50% for Regulars. It pays to become a Regular, so stick around and hangout in the streams!

The way to get entries to win the giveaway is through tickets. You buy tickets with your Points (earned from the stream). The thing that is different about how this giveaway is run compared to most others you will find is that it is variable. This means that your first few tickets cost less. The more tickets that you want to get, the more Points they cost. This is a variable setup so that new people have a better chance of getting a good shot at winning, as well as people that have been in the chat a bit longer than them. BUT, this system still rewards people that stay in chat for long periods of time. It gives loyal people more tickets to buy. The tickets will just cost more.

New person comes in and can get a few tickets.
They leave.
They have a few entries.
Another person comes in and stays for a while.
They have a few more entries than the person who came then left.
Third person comes and stay for a long period of time.
They have the most amount of entries (and the best chance to win).
BUT, everyone still has a fair amount of winning chance.

In a standard style, the people who have been in chat the longest have a HUGE amount more of chance to win the giveaways. Loyalty is great. Yes. But that also drives new people away, because it makes it unlikely that any new viewers would have any sort of chance to win. I wanted to build a system most likely to reward everyone and share a good amount of win chance. If you stay around and are loyal, you still have the best chances at winning (just so you know).

Example: (similar to some video games)
Maybe the first ticket would cost 1.
Then the next ticket would cost 2.
The third might cost 4.
So, you would have to spend 7 to get 3 entrances.
Something similar to this is what we would be looking at.
The more tickets to enter, the higher the cost of the next ticket.

The amount of tickets that you can buy with your Points is still being worked on. I need to decide how to base purchasing and how to keep track of how many tickets each person has and can buy. This is a complicated thing to do. I am working on it. But it is not yet finalized. All Points are being currently tracked and will be usable to buy tickets with, when the system is determined. So, staying in chat and playing the Heists and being active in chat and Hosting and Raiding are ALL still valuable! Do them! Stack up those Points and get them ready to turn in for tickets for the giveaway!

The giveaway is currently for a Logitech C920 webcam.

There will be many future giveaways (I have a huge stash of items to use for giveaways). If you don’t win this one, hang out with us and try your luck with the next giveaway!

Please see the Giveaway Terms And Conditions page for the rest of the rules.