Ghost Recon: Wildlands Closed Beta is OVER

So, Shag and Shadow and I had a fun little time over this past weekend (only on Friday night/Saturday morning) playing in the Closed Beta for Ghost Recon: Wildlands for the Xbox One. I had requested a key into the Closed Beta months ago and got my invite just a few days before the Beta went live. I had actually given up on getting into the Beta, as they usually give you more lead time than just a few days. Alas, the email came that told me I had been accepted in. Apparently, Shag had requested an invite at some point, but did not get an acceptance email with a key.

The people that were invited into the Closed Beta were supposed to have access to three MORE keys. They were to use these keys to invite their friends into the Beta to play as one “squad” (or whatever you want to call it). I could not figure out how to get to the area to get the keys for them. I finally figured it out, after MUCH struggling.

I had started streaming late to the party. BAD move. I thought that the Closed Beta started at 6PM EST. It apparently started at 6AM EST. Sigh. Oh well. I started my stream about seven hours behind everyone else that got into the Beta. I was NOT happy. This was supposed to be a big thing for me. It was supposed to be something that would get me tons of new followers. And I ruined it. I’m still upset about it. ANYWAY, I got in late and just cruised around exploring (playing on Easy mode). I finished the entirety of the missions that were unlockable/playable in the Beta. I then figured out how to get the guys in with me. Shag got all downloaded first. We jumped into his missions, and I replayed the whole thing again with him. Then SHADOW got downloaded and I played everything yet AGAIN. But it was pretty fun.

We had planned to jump back into the Closed Beta at some point during the weekend. Shadow mentioned that he wanted to play on a higher difficulty. He wanted something that challenged us a little more and made us play sneakier. I kind of wanted that as well. Killing everybody super fast is fun and all… but sometimes a challenge is nice. We didn’t end up getting back in to the game again, unfortunately.

SO, we’ll just have to see how everything turns out when the game launches here shortly. It will, most likely, be the main game that us four all play together. I love these guys and I guarantee I’ll love the great times that we are going to have in Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

We hope to see you in the streams! We know you’ll love it too!

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