Req. Points?

Req. Points. To understand them, we must first understand what they were used on. The Points in question are used a lot in video games, namely, Halo 5. Halo 5 brought about this “card” system that was used in the Warzone; when you spawn in, you pick a “card” and you use it. Once the “card” is used, it is then burned and it disappears forever. After games are completed, you are awarded with Req. Points. These points are used to buy packs that contain the “cards” used in the aforementioned, Warzone. Now that we have that established, we can talk about how Req. Points infuriated our lovely website creator, Sly. One day, Sly, Shag, Eight, 2 other friends (who I’m unsure if I can mention due to legal reasons), and I, were raiding in Destiny. The raid in question was King’s Fall, one of the most difficult raids to date. While we were doing the raid, we were all locked in a gripping conversation about Req. Points in Halo 5 and how it was garbage that they implemented an idea that basically makes every game of Warzone a “Pay-To-Win“. Anyways, lets get on with the story. All 6 of us were having a pretty terrible time (seeing as how it was on the Heroic difficulty) fighting the raid’s final boss, Oryx. We had been at this raid for a solid 6 hours that day and the raid party was getting pretty heated. Not heated at each other, but at the utter crap the game was throwing at us. Lag, untimely and unexplainable deaths; you name it and it happened. Nearing the end of our run (obviously), we had managed to make it to Oryx’ last phase (the “Bubble Phase”, as I call it). In the Bubble Phase, he pulls you into a different dimension and proceeds to do combat with you inside of what looks like a dome (aka- Bubble Phase). Now, as you are fighting Oryx in this bubble he will have two sub-phases; Shoot orbs outside of a cloudy force field and come inside with a sword and try to kill you that way. We had waited out Oryx’ first phase. Then came his second phase… <— You like that ellipses? I know I do. Anyway, Oryx comes out of the cloudy force field with a fury no man had previously seen and makes a B-line straight for me. The others, thinking they are safe, move up ever so slightly and let their guard down. Bad Move. Apparently, Oryx had had enough of our incessant pestering. He broke from his pursuit of me and made a move so fast it rivaled that of a professional 360 No-Scoper and brought his sword down on Sly. I’m sorry Sly, but Oryx drank his Mountain Dew and ate his Doritos, because he went MLG Pro on you. What followed next was probably the best sequence of events I have ever had the pleasure of experience with my friends. We all Wipe (aka- die and reset). Sly then tells us how he is so done with this game (to put it lightly). Once Sly was done having his moment of anguish, or rage… lets go with rage, I chime in and ask him if he knows why he died. He goes quiet for a second and I believe he chalks it up to lag (which I believe to be the only correct explanation). I, however, offered a different response. I told him the reason that he died was because he didn’t have enough Req. Points. The whole party goes silent for a few seconds and then I hear this roar of laughter from everyone but Sly, who then lets out an “OH MY GOD!” I don’t think Sly found it funny at the time, but the whole party sure as hell did. To this day, randomly and when it’s most unexpected, I will drop the “Not Enough Req. Points” line and it gets him every time. I couldn’t pick a better group of guys to play Xbox, PlayStation, or anything else with than my raiding buddies Sly, Shag, and Eight. I hope this gives you a rare insight into our little “inside joke”. That way when you see in Sly’s, Shag’s, Eight’s, or possibly My stream, you will be clued into what we are talking about. That’s all I have for you. Peace.


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